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The Reformation
Cover of The Reformation
The Reformation
A Brief History
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The Reformation: A Brief History is a succinct and engaging introduction to the origins and history of the Protestant Reformation. A rich overview of the Reformation, skillfully blending social,...
The Reformation: A Brief History is a succinct and engaging introduction to the origins and history of the Protestant Reformation. A rich overview of the Reformation, skillfully blending social,...
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  • The Reformation: A Brief History is a succinct and engaging introduction to the origins and history of the Protestant Reformation.

    • A rich overview of the Reformation, skillfully blending social, political, religious and theological dimensions
    • A clearly and engagingly written narrative which draws on the latest and best scholarship
    • Includes the history of the Reformation in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, areas that are rarely covered in any detail
    • The Reformation is placed in the context of the entire history of Christianity to draw out its origins, impetus, and legacy

About the Author-

  • Kenneth G. Appold is the James Hastings Nichols Associate Professor of Reformation History at Princeton Theological Seminary. He is the author of two books on early Lutheranism and numerous articles on a variety of historical and theological topics.

Table of Contents-

  • Preface.

    1. The Different Paths of Medieval Christianization.

    Christianity Among the Rural Poor.

    Two Sides of Medieval Christianization.

    The Rise of the Papacy: Centralization and Reform.

    The Papacy's Decline.

    The Mendicant Critique of Wealth and Property.



    2. The Luther Phenomenon.

    Luther's "Ninety-Five Theses".

    Rome's Response.

    Luther the Reformer.

    Luther's Theology.


    3. Reformation Reforms.

    The Politics of Reform.

    Zurich, Zwingli, and the Cities.

    Rural Revolution of the 'Common Man'.

    The Anabaptist Alternative.


    4. The Reformation's Establishment.

    The Princes Take Charge.

    Reformation Beyond the Empire.

    Calvin and Geneva.

    Catholic Reform and Counter-Reformation.


    Epilogue: The Reformation's Legacy.



  • Theology Today, 19 September 2012 "Appold has presented us with an introduction to Reformation history that is brief, clear, up-to-date, and blessedly free of exaggerations. [...] Those who take up Reformation history today should begin here." (Tom A Brady
    jr., University of California, Berkley, 1 January 2013)

    "Anyone interested in a brief history of Reformation theology would do well to read this book first to review the historical context of the debates surrounding [it] ... I was sorry when it came to an end. Fascinated by the brief historical account it offered, I was left wanting more. I highly recommend it."
  • Theology, 1 July 2012 "This engaging book provides a fairly thorough synthesis of much of the historical writing on this period."
  • Evangelical Quarterly, 2 April 2012 "A history of the reformation, even 'a brief history' in two hundred pages? In fact, because too much detail is impossible the author turns this to advantage and is able to stand back slightly and give an overview ... A highlight is Appold's description of the indulgence controversy -- the clearest and most concise I have ever read ... 'Does exactly what it says on the tin' has become rather a cliché, but a 'brief history' of the reformation is exactly what Appold provides."
  • Choice, 1 November 2011 "Historian Appold (Princeton Theological Seminary) offers a clearly written overview of Christianity in the Reformation era that frames 16th-century events as outgrowths of a centuries-old reforming impulse, rather than a sudden religious convulsion. . . The book is unique in providing an extended discussion of the spread of Lutheranism to Scandinavia, filling in a notable gap in many accounts of the Reformation, but this comes at the expense of reforms in the British Isles. . . Summing Up: Recommended. Undergraduate collections."

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The Reformation
The Reformation
A Brief History
Kenneth G. Appold
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The Reformation
The Reformation
A Brief History
Kenneth G. Appold
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